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The Sound House Expands Virtual Venue Initiative

Established in 2017, the Sound House quickly became a popular venue for live music events, late night clubbing, comedy, and film, hosting the best of local and international talent.

The venue was shut down by the COVID pandemic, but in late 2020, they began live streaming shows with help from Live Performance Support Scheme with the Department of Culture & Arts and the Live Venue Collective. Due to the success of these live streams, the Sound House has decided to expand their virtual venue initiative. They plan to have up to five shows a week, continuing to host the best of local talent to become Ireland's premium live streaming venue.

To help facilitate this the venue has assembled a team of dedicated experts to execute and deliver a superior live stream experience. Starting with their in-house booker Colm Slattery of Fluttertone. Colm has over 15 years of experience in the music industry in Ireland, live events and sound. They also brought in FEND Media to run all the video production. FEND owner Neil Doughty is a video production and live streaming expert and has worked tirelessly through the entire pandemic to support artists and to keep the heart of live music pumping. The Sound House's online streaming platform is the secret sauce that helps bring it all together. The venue's digital development strategy has been led by Dean White, Director of Kraft Agency Limited.

The Sound House has invested in brand new enhanced lighting production as well as state of the art cameras to help bring live shows fully to life. These aren't your typical living room live streams, as the Sound House shows have an incredibly high production quality capability, complete with skilled technicians to run them, making sure that each gig showcases the artist in the best possible way.

The Sound House has also revamped their website into a user-friendly ticketing platform. When fans buy tickets to live streamed shows, they get sent a link, and the show can be streamed on any device on the Sound House’s very own Live Streaming Web App.

The Sound House Live Streams are also fully COVID compliant, and management is taking all precautions to ensure the health and safety of staff and performers.

This new platform will give more artists the chance to perform in a professional setting, and broadcast the show to a global audience, and get paid in the process. Live streaming is absolutely crucial to supporting artists and musicians through the pandemic, which has devastated not only live music performers but venues as well. The Sound House hopes that expanding their virtual venue initiative will bring much needed support to the amazing talent Ireland has to offer, as well as one of Dublin’s favourite live music venues!

The first night of this new initiative will launch on April 3rd with rising Dublin indie-rock band InBetween Honey. Tickets can be purchased at

The Sound House, 28 Eden Quay

For bookings and management please contact:

Host your own live stream event from the Sound House! Apply here:

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