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MOTH - Intergalatic POV

MOTH introduce the future of pop with the infectious anthem of “Intergalatic POV”. A tremendous amount of care and attention is brought into the production. The gleaming, shining cadence of the entirety of the track gives it a futuristic sheen. Nods to modern sound pop perfectionists like SOPHIE appear throughout the whole of the track, as there is so much depth and unexpected bursts of colour throughout. By far though the thing that truly anchors the work is the ethereal vocals which seem to have been transmitted from another universe. So many different layers intermingle with the patterns matching up into a virtual stream of consciousness.

The hushed aura that introduces the track sets the tone for what follows. A dreamy atmosphere takes shape and comes into view quickly. Every element is carefully balanced for maximum impact as there is a kindness to their vocals. So much passion pours out of each verse which is chosen with the utmost care. Many different elements filter in and out of the mix giving the song a kaleidoscopic, almost psychedelic in terms of how the sound evolves. Buildup occurs but this too goes for the subtle before it eventually overwhelms in a giant wave of sound. Such tremendous spirit and joy radiate throughout the entirety of the piece, helping to lending it a slightly symphonic quality.

Intergalactic POV


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