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“Ramblin On” shows off the distinct cadence and uncanny knack of Zebulon & Company.

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

A country western twang emerges out of Zebulon & Company.’s playful “Ramblin On”. Done with such vigor the song has an energetic purpose for it holds absolutely nothing back. By far the highlight comes from the sheer strength of his voice which opts for a commanding presence. With a classic quality to it they transcend trendiness for something a bit more timeless. Lyrics here work wonders for they rest front and center of the entire mix. Instrumentally nimble as well, their unique take on country has a bluesy affect to it, at times touching upon a bit of Lambchop at their most daring and inspired. Volume is a must and they insist upon it while it all rolls in.

Not a moment is wasted for they start right in the middle of things. From there it is all easy, as the sound grows with so much strength behind it. Everything about it comes through swinging. Drums hit with an emotional cadence proving to be the right touch to the sheer power of his words. A deft storyteller he ambles on through with a hint of defiance in his voice, one that is further emphasized by the rollicking riffs of the guitars. They let it all expand out into the seemingly infinite for theirs is a specific kind of beauty, an earnestness that has a raw grit and soul about it.

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