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NEW EP from Tsaffire

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Tsaffire release a new goth rock self-titled EP. Here one can hear the echoes of groups like Bauhaus, The Cure, and other darkened crooners. Attention to detail is outright marvelous to behold for they are clearly well listened and have learned enormously from their influences. A spacious, elegant, pitch-black sort of style emerges out of all of this with every single detail given just the right amount of polish. From the infectious yet tragic sound of the guitars to the forceful vocalist, everything comes together to create an entire universe.

“Lying To Me” feels so distinctly early 80s and is so satisfyingly rich. Incredible guitar work lingers in the background neatly merging with the insistent drum machine. By far the highlight rolls through with the glimmering “Angels”. Here their attention to hooks truly matters for they propel the whole thing forward in a way that feels majestic. Catchy with their infectious hooks there is a romanticism to their spirit. Taut, angular grooves add to the detached, Joy Division inspired blur of “Soul Keeper”. A stark environment comes into view on the powerful throbbing beats of “I Took Advantage Of Your Love” which swims through the distortion. With a living, breathing presence comes the wonderful feral energy of “Fang Bang” which brings the whole of the collection to a fantastic finale. Urgency prevails and the tension of the track itself is palpable.

Done with such grace and flair, Tsaffire sculpt a cerebral, thoughtful, and engaging sound with their self-titled effort.

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