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Ireland Music Week Has Gone Virtual

COVID 19 has changed the way we do everything, including the way we listen to music. This month people from all around the world can take part in Ireland Music week while sitting on their couch.

Ireland music is going live this October from the 6th to 9th! Covering more than 50 bands the music week will set up the entire mood at home - along with workshops participants can enjoy. The week is going to be packed with fun-filled events from 50 musical performances, and panels, to 49 workshops and panels.

The entire event is designed to offer people the experience of a lifetime, keeping them motivated and inspired no matter where they might be. Coronavirus has changed a lot these past few months and has taken away freedom. With the music week, Ireland is ready to set back its place in the world. Unleashing endless sessions that keep you busy and pumped even at such an uncertain time.

Over time, things change to accommodate the situation, and this is one of those times. By taking the entire event virtual participants are finally able to make their way to Ireland Music Week this year!

Artists Performing in Ireland Virtual Music Week:

  • A.Smyth

  • Anna Mieke

  • Aoife Nessa Frances

  • Archmotors

  • Basciville

  • Beauty Sleep

  • Beyond The Wash

  • Bleeding Heart Pigeons

  • Celavie Mai

  • Christian Cohle

  • CMAT

  • DANI

  • Dark Tropics

  • Denise Chaila

  • DYVR

  • Enola Gay

  • Fears

  • Fia Moon

  • Fynch

  • Gemma Bradley

  • God Knows

  • Hazey Haze

  • I Have A Tribe


  • Jackie Beverly

  • Jaxson

  • Kynsy

  • Local Boy

  • Luz

  • ModernLove

  • MuRli

  • Naoise Roo

  • Nealo

  • Nnic

  • Patricia Lalor

  • PowPig

  • R.S.A.G.

  • Rachael Lavelle

  • Reevah

  • Run Off Broke

  • Shaefri

  • Shiv

  • Skinner

  • Strange Boy

  • Tebi Rex

  • Toshín

  • Varo

  • Vernon Jane

  • Wynona Bleach

  • 1000 Beasts

Workshop & Panel Topics Include

This year the Ireland Music Week will touch on many local and international issues. While offering participants a course in publishing, labels, management, international touring, and showcasing A&R. These are just the beginning, as they are set to change the world. Including live pitch sync sessions, along with touching matches such as gender balance discussion, and diversity discussions. Hoping to change mindsets, opening the floor for discussion, and how we can move forward from here on out.

One of the most highlighted sections will be the live secret discussion keeping Covid19 in mind, along with other important aspects and issues from around the world.

The launch of AIM Ireland is another great aspect of the Music Week, and it will hold an open discussion on how the pandemic has changed the world, its impact on the music community, and how one can adjust to the new normal and the importance of staying safe and healthy.

Set up online individuals from all around the world can join in the online conferences and sessions using a single platform. Virtually streaming to your computers once you identify your ticket purchase.

Ticket prices for the Virtual Ireland Music Week

  • €50 Full Pass (All Access)

  • €25 Conference & Showcase Pass

  • €10 Daily / Nightly pass

Tickets can be purchased online now, and come in a range of choices to ensure you catch the section you are most interested in. with a full pass you get complete access to the virtual event, keeping an eye on every second of the live feed.

While the conference and showcase passes are ideal for those who are more interested in the discussions and issues the event will highlight. Offering them a live taste of some of the most intellectual debates.

Depending on where in the world you are, you can get a day or night pass to attend the section or slot you are most interested in.

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