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How We Can Get Live Music Back - Post COVID-19

One of the biggest hits due to coronavirus was faced by the music industry. With live performance revenue going down the drain, costing the industry 10 billion in sponsorship in just 6 months. Even so the industry is fighting back and is ready to get back on its feet. Offering individuals all around the world a taste of live concerts from the comfort of their home!

Over the passage of years the music industry in Europe has been evolving from vinyl to cassettes, from cassette tapes to CD's, from CD's to mp3 players and so on. The only thing constant in the entire matter has been the sale of music through one channel or the next. As the industry kept adapting to new methods that helped them secure sales.

The music industry is roughly worth 50 billion divided into two sections. Live music taking on the first 50% of the chunk generating reviews from sales of tickets. The second 50% comes from recorded music; divided into a few sections such as digital downloads, streaming, physical sales brought in from licensing of music used by games, movies, advertising, and TV commercials.

Key Figures To Help You Understand The Importance Music

  • Recorded Music in Europe is worth 4.3 billion euros.

  • The highest valued digital music marked it the United Kingdom.

  • The highest valued live music market is Germany.

  • An average music festival ticket price in Europe is 178 Euro.

New Way To Engage Your Audience

With the lock down and curfews going strong it's time the music industry fights back to reclaim its rightful place. In light of these events artists have decided to take matters in their own hands and take themselves to every fans home. With virtual live becoming the new normal, artists have started using media houses that offer all the equipment artists need to hold a live concert.

Yes, streamer platforms are not new. However, they are the new normal offering a monetisation method that comes with perks such as memberships, exclusive access, virtual gatherings, and much more. Offering musicians what the need to keep an engaging event going, while offering it to everyone in the world.

Live music holds a special place in all our hearts, the feeling you get from being up close and personal is no match. Which is why the smartest way to get you up close and personal with the musicians and bands you love the most is through virtual connection. A platform where you will be able to have a direct contact with music without breaking protocol.

How Can It Help Musicians?

Live Streamed Gigs - Considering the time it's best to take music completely online, allowing your fans to connect with you. With live streamed gigs you can finally start making money selling tickets, and get the show back on the road.

PR Services - Along with live streamed gigs musicians get complete PR services, making sure they can focus on their craft and leave the rest to professionals.

Graphic Design & Poster Design - Even visual concerts need a statement that stands out from the rest, showcasing important details using a graphic & poster design spread via various online platforms.

Promotion & Digital Marketing - With the help of a set team musicians can sit back and relax as the team collects all their fans from around the world. Setting them all on a single live session without any hassle.

These are some of the many perks offered by media houses that are ready to help you take your work online. All you need now is to get started on your work, and leave the rest of the heavy lifting to dedicated professionals. Spreading music wide and far with a single click.

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